100 Points Check & Certification By Manufacturer
  • Our professionally trained Volkswagen technicians carry out thorough inspections for every car before it becomes a Das WeltAuto used car. Any faulty parts identified will be fixed and replaced with Volkswagen Genuine Parts™. Only by then can it be eligible for the DWA programme. More details.
Minimum 36 Months Manufacturer Powertrain Warranty
  • To increase our customers’ confidence and interests, Used Car* purchased from VWHK under DWA programme is guaranteed with at least 36 months manufacturer powertrain warranty to cover any unexpected costs related to the repairs of the most expensive components such as engine, gearbox and drivetrain. *Excl. DWA Lite Cars More details.
Test-drive Before You Buy
  • We are more than happy to offer you a pleasant experience driving a Volkswagen in order to help you make a good decision. More details.