100 Points Check & Certification by Manufacturer

Our professionally trained Volkswagen technicians carry out thorough inspections for every car before it becomes a Volkswagen Pre-Owned used car.

Minimum 36 months Manufacturer Powertrain Warranty

To increase our customers’ confidence and interests, Used Car* purchased from VWHK under Volkswagen Pre-Owned programme is guaranteed with at least 36 months manufacturer powertrain warranty to cover any unexpected costs related to the repairs of the most expensive components such as engine, gearbox and drivetrain.

*Excl. Volkswagen Pre-Owned Lite Cars

Guaranteed Direct from the Manufacturer

Our Volkswagen Pre-Owned used car fleet represents a selection of ex-functional cars (display cars, ex-management cars etc.). Careful maintenance guarantees the cars are as original as original.

Guaranteed Real Mileage

Real Mileage is guaranteed that no mileage adjustment has happened to any of the Volkswagen Pre-Owned cars.

Guaranteed No Serious Accident Damage

Our professional Volkswagen aftersales technicians examine both the car condition and maintenance records to guarantee the car has not suffered from any serious accident damage.

Test-drive Before you Buy

We are more than happy to offer you a pleasant experience driving a Volkswagen in order to help you make a good decision.

Free Trade-in Evaluation on your Current Car

Our sales consultants will evaluate your vehicle for free and correspondingly provide an attractive trade-in offer for you.

Attractive Financing and Insurance Offers

When you purchase a Volkswagen Pre-Owned approved used car, we ensure you will be offered one of the best financing and leasing rates available in the market.

Professional Customisation

We offer various customization options performed by our own Volkswagen workshops at a special price, including but not limited to: mirror covers, alloy wheels, window film, leather seats etc.